Why does consuming lemons help fight climate change?

The fight against climate change has become one of the main challenges of the human being. The future of the planet, and by extension of the species, is at stake. A report on the carbon footprint of the lemon sector has revealed that it is an effective ally in the fight against global warming, as it is a real CO2 sink. The lemon tree is the crop with the highest fixation values of this greenhouse effect of all citrus fruits and the rest of the tree species.
The numbers: each lemon tree absorbs 26.2 kilograms of atmospheric CO2 per year, so the almost 14 million trees of this species in the Spanish Mediterranean basin retain a total of 360,550 tons of CO2 per year.
Carbon footprint studies in companies in the sector in Spain reach the conclusion that for every kilo of fresh lemons that the consumer acquires, 263 grams of CO2 are retained. These studies are totally applicable to Argentina since the technologies used in the production, processing of the fruit and its handling are similar.