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One day we dreamt it, today we are doing it

S.A. VERACRUZ is a family-owned company located in Tucuman, Argentina. This province is widely known for being the principal lemon grower in the world. We produce, industrialize and commercialize lemon and its by-products. This company is owned by the Seleme - Requejo families, which have harmonized new generation’s strength with their elder’s experience.

Lemon production is currently managed by the 3rd and 4th generation. These families are specialized in citrus production since 1927 and that is why they earned a broad experience in the citrus market. The company owns a surface of more than 900 lemon hectares, all of them certified under Global Gap standards.

Success is not only achieved with special attributes.
It is a product of perseverance, method, and organization.

De Argentina al Mundo


We engage with environmental friendliness and encourage it in our surrounding.

I + D + i

We embrace state-of-the-art-technology advances and focus on improving every process.


For us, it is not a goal but a path to follow.


We focus on our identity and corporative culture to remember where we come from and where we go.

Numbers that ensure our leadership