Pro-huerta Program INTA-SA VERACRUZ

Following our program of good practices in sustainability, we received a visit from INTA for the PROHUERTA program in one of our industrial plants, in relation to our orchard.
INTA provided us with seeds that will be used in our orchards, and whose fruits we distribute among the employees. The project basically consists of training given to employees to raise awareness and encourage them to also carry it out in their private homes.
In the future, INTA will provide us with laying hens for those employees who want and can have chickens in their homes, followed by an informative talk on the correct care of these birds.
INTA will visit the plant every 15 days to monitor and advise the orchard, all of this is free of charge, in a mutual collaboration program.
These types of actions are really excellent since we contribute by helping with the family economy of our workers, a sustainable action that is aligned with our guidelines for good practices in business sustainability.