Training and development program for local suppliers

As part of our training and development program for local suppliers, a workshop was held, which was attended by several of our suppliers.
In our process of seeking quality in all sectors of our company, we seek to work with suppliers in the following way:
Verify your initial process, review what controls you have to ensure the good result of the final product.
1- Evaluate your process capacity, if its measurement is consistent with the actual results.
2- Check if it has a quality management system, this is independent of whether it is certified or not, an implemented quality management system will give us peace of mind about the product or raw material delivered.
3- When checking the 3 previous points, a joint work plan must be established with the supplier to close the gaps and improve their process.
By doing the above, we will be first gaining the trust of our suppliers, because it is a Win-Win relationship, second it will make the operation more efficient for both the supplier and the company and finally we will be generating added value as a company by growing small or medium-sized companies from our synergy with them.