Lemon Essential Oil

How many lemons do you need to cover the demand for the most popular brand of Cola beverages?

There are so many mysteries regarding the secret récipe of the most popular beverages brand. There are so many formulas hanging around, but the one unquestionable thing is lemon presence, in oil or concentrate.
The world daily consumes 475 million liters of Cola beverages (1)
To produce 54 liters of Cola beverages, you need 1,5 ml (30 droplets) of lemon essential oil.(2)
To produce 1 liter of lemon essential oil, you require around 200 kg of fresh lemon.
To cover the Cola beverages monthly consume, you need to produce around 13200 liters of lemon essential oil daily.
To produce 13200 liters of lemon essential oil, you need 2640 tons of lemons a day.
In the spirit of the information, it seems that the lemon industry will have a long and healthy life.

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