Community Organic Garden, Lules Plant, Tucumán. FIRST HARVEST!
Citrus Packer School – 2nd Class

Farm Supervisors

INTA and the University of Agronomy and Animal Science U.N.T. gave the 5th edition of the Course for Farm Supervisors, intended for any farm supervisor. The course took place in “Estación Experimental”, Famaillá, from August to November.
From S.A. Veracruz, the ones who participated were from farm Las Tipas (Pablo Villagra), farm Maldonado (Ramón Molina), farm El Ojo (Ángel Hardoy), farm Las Piedritas (Virgilio Llanos) and farm Santa Ana (Raúl Plaza). In the picture, engineers Oscar Abregú and Jorge Sauze are standing with them.
Agropecuary companies of the region have to face a dynamic world with new technologies and transformation processes. The role of farm supervisors has changed a lot due to the challenges presented in these new scenarios. 
The goal was to train them to reinforce their performance with basic theoretical-practical bases that allow reasoning and comprehension of their activities. This boosts their job performance for both their own benefit and the company's benefit.
• leadership
• basic concepts of botany, maths, applied physics 
• agro-meteorology 
• vegetal physiology 
• equipment 
• vegetal health and therapeutics 
• good farming practice and safety in a rural setting
• agriculture management 
• remote sensing and precision farming 
• environmental management 
• cattle production 
• Ethics and moral in the work environment.

Congratulations to everyone!