Community Organic Garden, Lules Plant, Tucumán
Community Organic Garden, Lules Plant, Tucumán. FIRST HARVEST!


On Thursday 14th, the company organized the Citrus Packer course (open to the community), intended for any person who wants to learn something new and potentially work with us.
11 people from Lules, La Reducción, El Manantial, and Famaillá, joined us.

The first class included contents related to institutional information about the company, responsibilities of the position, productivity, contracting regime, and rules of quality, safety, and hygiene at work. 
Next meetings will cover specific practice in the task. Also, lessons will deal with knowledge about fruit quality and size, package presentations (different types of boxes, plateaus, mesh sacs, and wooden boxes), and the specific process of packing, papering, covering and labeling. Here people will learn how to pack satisfying the high-quality standards that our company profits, in the domestic and exportation market.