Community Organic Garden, lules Plant, Tucuman
Planning, communication and leadership course- completión Group 2

S.A. VERACRUZ is the first citrus company to receive Seal of Quality Label Tucuman.

Label Tucuman, managed by IDEP (Productive Development Institute), concluded its 10th-anniversary celebrations last December 2nd with the presentation of the Seal of Quality Label Tucuman to 16 private companies and public organisms of the province.
SA VERACRUZ received the award and is the first citrus company in receiving this seal of quality. It is a reward for the effort that the members of this family make every day.
Maria Victoria Seleme, representing S.A. VERACRUZ, expressed in the event: “I am very proud of receiving this platinum seal of quality. I know that IDEP people and the Government have been working for years, and for me, it is a pleasure to join them”.
She also added that this distinction “represents a lot for my company. It is a consequence of having achieved international quality certifications”.
This seal of quality is not only an award but a responsibility for S.A. VERACRUZ to follow this path that has been following and to strive to continue improving as the last years.